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Use our CSGO Betting Websites and Receive Rare Skins Every Week

Counter Strike Global Offensive is reportedly, one of the most played first-person shooters in the world. With over millions of players online, it is certainly a quite popular franchise with CSGO communities spread out over different countries and states. If you’re a CSGO player, whether old or new, there’s a good chance that you are already hooked to this game. Whether for playing the ranked matches, watching professionals play, or gambling with skins on CSGO betting websites. Skins in this game are part of the 2013 arms deal update which introduced these purely cosmetic yet great additions to this game. We, at CSGO Dreampot completely understand how important your skins are to you and have thus, adopted different methods for you to try your hand at winning more skins than the ones you already own.

The skins in the game being purely cosmetic, offers no player any sense of advantage in the game. However, we know how you feel when you’re using that AK47 Fire Serpent factory new or an AWP Dragonlore while playing with strangers or with your friends. Though there are a lot of CSGO new betting sites now flooding the market, CSGO Dreampot aims to be separate and thus differ from the usual sites you are exposed to. Here, you can bet your skins on various avenues, with each giving you a lucrative way or option to win better, rarer skins.

We, at CSGO Dreampot give each and every CSGO player that comes on our site, the opportunity to win skins while they bet using skins from their inventory. The process is quite straight forward and just like all betting sites CSGO that are reliable, ours has the latest safety and security measures.

What is the Procedure on Dreampot’s CSGO Betting Websites for all the Processes?

  • Deposit your Skins: First and foremost, in order to play any game on our website, you must register using your steam account and then proceed to deposit your skins. You can safely deposit the skins you choose to play with, in our site’s inventory which you can withdraw whenever you feel like based on your choice.
  • Play your Choice of Game: Then, with the skins you deposited, you will have the option to play any of the various games that we offer and try your skills at winning. Depending on the multiplier or odds involved in the game you play and win, you will receive a profit equal to that value in skins from our inventory.
  • Withdraw your Skins towards the End: When you’re done playing on our website, you can withdraw the new skins you have won, along with your old skins to your steam inventory. This is done using BOTs like every other transaction and is quite safe from any kinds of malicious threats.

These are broadly the 3 main processes that are involved in structuring every user’s experience on our website.

What games can you expect to play on our New Betting Sites CSGO?

  • Jackpot: Under jackpot, you can expect to play a game where you can bet a minimum to whichever extent of skins you want on. After the pool is complete, a random process per chance selects one out of all those who bet in the game, to win the complete grand deposit which gets added to their inventory, hence the name jackpot.
  • Coinflip: Coinflip, unlike jackpot, takes a more individualistic approach to interacting with those users interested in playing. You can place a skin on either a number higher than the middle or lower than the middle or exactly on the middle. Then, by the flip of a virtual coin, the number for that game gets decided and if you placed your bet on the correct number, you will win either double or triple your skin value as profit.
  • Gambling::All betting sites CSGO have the gambling section in which players have the chance to gamble with their skins on professional matches and tournaments. Basically, you place your bets before a match has begun, on a team that you think will win. If they do, then you get the sum of your original skin value multiplied by the odds that you had on the skin. Gambling like this is affected directly by what knowledge you have about the teams that are participating, as it involves knowledge, information and skill much more than just luck and instincts.

These are the 3 broad games out of all the games that we, at CSGO Dreampot offer to all players and users that come on our site. We have successfully helped lots of players in upgrading to higher value skins and rare skins every week, gaining profits more frequently. Because of our safe and user-friendly process, unlike other CSGO new betting sites, you can expect to win a lot more skins than you are used to, almost every week.